Saturday, 18 January 2014


Photobombing - what's that all about?

Photobombing is the act of inserting oneself into the field of view of a photograph, often in order to play a practical joke on the photographer or the subjects by intentionally posing in other people's photos, for a later surprise. 
Usually people making funny faces in the background, without the knowledge of the main subjects of the photo. Photobombing has received significant coverage since 2008. In May 2008, the earliest known Urban Dictionary definition of “photobombing” was submitted by user U8IK, which was later highlighted as the Urban Word of the Day the next month. Three days later, the Flickr group Photobombers was launched for people to share their own photobomb exploits online. In the following years, similar definitions for “photobomb” and “photobombers” followed and the same word was featured again as the Urban Word of the Day in 2009 and then 2012.
Photobombing gets global exposure, mainly due to the ease of dissemination afforded by the internet, and the abundance of snapshots by smartphone cameras and other hand-held devices. A number of websites include sections on them, or are entirely devoted to photobombs.

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