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They're everywhere - and chances are you will hear one before actually catching sight of it. Early in the morning - before the traffic builds up - you are never far away from one of Rome's most quintessential sounds - which is the gentle splash and gurgle of water. Rome certainly has a love affair for its fontane and it's believed that there is a fountain in the capital city for almost every day of the year...  that's not including the many nasoni (literally meaning 'big noses' because of the shape of their spout - and which are the more modest public fountains). Rome’s water system was one of the wonders of the world, and to a certain extent, it still is. 
In fact, you can find over 2000 nasoni (public fountains) in Rome. While many don’t realise it, these fountains contain clean water that is perfectly safe to drink. The exact same water that comes out of the taps of Rome’s houses, so if you’re touring the Eternal City on a hot summer’s day there is no reason to buy bottled water just stop off at a fountain! The first nasone was created in 1874 - and initially only 20 of these fountains could be found in the city.
Fontana delle Api (Fountain of the Bees) -
at Piazza Barberini - built in 1644

All the decorative fountains have been rebuilt over the centuries as have the three aqueducts* that source them, and the Roman water system uses both gravity and mechanical pumps. Water is recycled and water from different aqueducts is sometimes mixed before it reaches the fountains and performs for the spectators. Every piazza has its fontana - and they can be monumental in design and display. Features include nymphs, tritons, dolphins, Roman Gods - the list goes on. No other city has the sight and sound of cascading water as its backdrop.
*Acqua Vergine, Acqua Paola and the Acqua Felice.


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