Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Soaring temperatures are expected to reach over 30ºC this weekend but grumpy Britons have taken to Twitter to complain about the hot weather...


The social media site has been flooded with comments criticising the July heatwave, complaining that it is ‘not British’ or ‘natural’ to have such a hot summer.

Temperatures are set to rise even further this weekend, angering a number of Britons who were unprepared for the heatwave - which is the longest since 2006.
Others moaned that it was stopping them from enjoying their summer activities such as shopping, or was even ruining their holiday plans.
Many took to Twitter to complain that the 'unacceptable' heat was stopping them from sleeping at night.
Men and women alike also complained that the sticky heat and humidity was ruining their hair.

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