Tuesday, 12 February 2013


The current Scottish Government has expressed its intention to hold an independence for Scotland referendum in the autumn of 2014. Scotland remained an independent country until the Treaty of Union and subsequent Acts of Union in 1707.

Several reasons have been put forward by Scottish Nationalists in favour of independence, which include:
  • The principle of self-determination; the Scottish people will be making decisions for Scotland themselves.
  • Control over defence and foreign policy means Scotland can choose, for example to no longer have nuclear weapons in its seas and or be part of NATO.
  • Access to oil revenues means greater funds directly to Scotland. In the 1970's a slogan used for this was It's Scotland's Oil.
Opponents of independence believe Scotland is economically stronger as a part of the UK and that Scotland is better able to prosper in a globalised economy with the international influence and stability derived from being part of the UK. David Maddox, writing for The Scotsman newspaper says that Scotland's levels of public spending (higher in relation to the rest of the UK) would be difficult to sustain after independence, without raising taxes, as North Sea Oil revenues will decline in due course.

Personally I hope Scotland separates from the UK and then support their own education and health care systems, fund social security, defence, transport and make provision for the elderly (pensions) - all from a population of 5¼m and...Sean Connery. Passports to visit the rest of the UK - why not?
The Scottish Government has outlined a possible transition to independence in the event of a "Yes" vote in the referendum. Independence Day for Scotland would be in March 2016, with the first elections to an independent parliament in May and First Minister Alex Salmond said the timescale was in line with previous international experience. Independence Day for Scotland - let me know when it is? I'll get my SuBo CDs out and celebrate! Bloody hate tartan me!

Oh - and can we persuade Berwick Rangers to play in the English Football League? - Berwick is in England when all is said and done...

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