Thursday, 20 December 2012


Cadbury's have come up with a chocolate bar, exclusively for women.

Called the Crispello, the chocolate bar is aimed shamelessly at the female demographic, and specifically at weight-conscious women who have been moving away from chocolate altogether, resulting in a 6.6% slump in the £800m annual single chocolate bar market. Kraft, Cadbury's parent company, says the bar will be "… a lighter way to enjoy chocolate", marketed under the tagline "a little treat for you".

[Incidentally, I once got a peanut stuck in my ear and my GP recommended I put some melting chocolate into the ear canal to remove it. He was right - it came out a Treet! But we digress...]

Crispello, a mix of wafer and chocolate from the Fererro Rocher school of confectionery, comes in at 165 calories in 3 re-sealable packages, so that women can help themselves to "a little at a time rather than in one go". Hmm... this is women we are talking about, isn't it? One package at a time? Are you being serious? 

And while Crispello's 165 calories might be nearly 100 calories fewer than 260 for a Mars, a Flake has only 180 calories - and you can stick it in your Mr Whippy. What's wrong with a Yorkie, anyway? - a proper chocolate bar that and fit for any woman!

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