Saturday, 8 September 2012



More Olympics/Paralympics verbiage I’m afraid – for the final time.

As the summer of London 2012 comes to its conclusion and the warm glow that envelops our nation gives way to more prosaic concerns over the economy, jobs and benefits cuts, decline in living standards and goodness knows what, it seems that not everyone shared the feel good factor earlier this week as Chancellor George Osborne was greeted to a chorus of booing from the crowd shortly before he presented medals to the winners of the Men's T38 4oom Paralympics event in the Olympic Stadium. When his name was announced at the medal ceremony it elicited a response from some of the spectators that you could expect at the Empire Theatre, Sunderland, every time the pantomime villain makes his entrance on stage.

But why such a reaction? This is the Chancellor of the Exchequer, not the Big Bad Wolf! He’s behind you…unless you happen to be disabled!

Well to be honest it came as little surprise he was given such a negative response from a crowd made up of a high proportion of people affected by the Government's changes to the disability benefit system. In fact you could argue the point that to have Chancellor Osborne at the medal ceremony in the first place shows a glaring error in judgment and lacked sensitivity. People have a democratic right to express their opinion, I suppose; and if they feel they have been negatively affected by the Government’s austerity programme, which includes an overhaul of the assessment process for those claiming incapacity benefit (often a sole source of income), then what did he reasonably expect?

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