Friday, 4 May 2012


What is it about the Milanese and their obsession with graffiti?

It seems any unsullied shop façade, sottopasso or tube train in Milan is fair game for a good spray painting. Let's be clear about this graffiti is defacement and vandalism - the scale of the problem in many cities now goes way beyond the seemingly harmless "Kilroy was here!" tags of yesteryear.

If you stand still long enough for any length of time, perhaps gaining your bearings whilst consulting your tourist guide of Milan on one of the city's piazzas, then expect to be sprayed with a can of Rust-Oleum® for your troubles!

It's a sad state of affairs - but when the disaffected Italian youth of today feel the need to express themselves through the medium of graffiti, then you know the writing's on the wall!

Birrificio Lambrate
via Adelchi 5,
20131 MILAN
+ 0039 02 7063 867

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