Friday, 13 April 2012


Black toilet paper! What in Sam Hill is that all about? Surely not!

The news that a very well-known British TV producer, media mogul and personality insists on having black toilet paper in his multi-million dollar gaff came as a complete revelation to me. As I glanced at the headlines of the tuppenny dreadfuls on the newsstand earlier, and came across the front page blurb that said-celebrity spurns your common or garden Andrex in favour of a black alternative, I was intrigued to say the least. However at the same time, reading this stuff fair put me off my KitKat Chunky I can tell you - but we move on...

Totally oblivious to such a product, I had to do a Google, of course – and it was true! You can get a 6-roll black toilet paper pack from Amazon for just £8.40... No sh*t!

In my day I considered myself lucky, as a young lad, to get a copy of the Daily Sketch cut into squares and placed on a spike in the lav to use for my evacuations! Black toilet paper? I wouldn’t wipe my ar*e with it!

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