Friday, 23 March 2012

I went to the local library earlier today and asked if they had any reading matter on self-help groups - the girl at the desk said - "If I tell you that, it would defeat the object, surely!" Cheeky mare!  

Time on your hands? Thinking of taking up a hobby or pastime? Philately not your thing? Thanks to Middlesbrough Central Library - I may have found just the answer!

Look no further! Building your own coffin (or casket) can be a truly rewarding experience. Constructing your own coffin from salvaged materials can save money (in these cash-strapped times – something to think about) and will reduce the consumption of precious natural resources.

If you are interested in a green or natural burial, then designing and building your coffin can be possible without the use of metal fasteners, such as screws or nails.

A glued rib construction can provide a robust coffin suitable for natural burial cemeteries that require metal-free coffins. All you need is some solid pine lumber and 130 tubes of EVO-STIK™ weatherproof wood adhesive and you’re away (literally!). Must be weatherproof glue mind – for reasons I shouldn’t have to explain!

For handles use some thick cotton rope. Ideally the cotton rope should be 1” or 1¼” in diameter as it provides a soft comfortable grip and adds an attractive, but modest finish to your coffin.

And that’s it! What are you waiting for? Get the toolbox out and sharpen up that plane.
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