Saturday, 17 March 2012



Top of the morning to all friends from fair Erin’s Isle! If you’re Irish come into this parlour...

Happy St. Patrick’s Day one and all! Gave my shillelagh a good rub and polish before I got out of bed this morning – and much needed it was to!

Unlike a lot of people in the UK who will today claim to be Irish descendants of one kind or another – tracing their roots right back to when all Blarney had was a pebble - I can safely say that I’m 100% pure Anglo-Saxon – with perhaps just a dash of Viking thrown in for good measure! Not one drop of Irish blood in me! To be sure, to be certain!
But I have spent time in Dublin recently and if you find yourself in that lovely city - and don't take in a visit to Davy Byrnes whilst there - then you must have broken biscuits for brains! An open sandwich of Atlantic prawns and a pint of Irish red ale (an acquired taste, admittedly) in Davy Byrnes is the perfect way to while away an hour or two in the early afternoon.

A time to reflect on Dublin's rich heritage perhaps -  to think of notable Irish literary figures such as James Joyce, Brendan Behan and Samuel Beckett - somebody should tell him that Godot hasn't turned up yet, by the way! A truly friendly pub with a cracking atmosphere...

Remember this blog promotes sensible alcohol consumption...

Davy Byrnes
21 Duke St.
off Grafton St.

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