Saturday, 11 February 2012


When I read the match report later that night in the Bild am Sonntag I nearly choked on my pretzel and tipped over my Paulaner!

Bayern (football club) blew some warmth into the icy Munich air on Saturday... 69,000 braved the fierce -12ºC degree chill and flocked to the Allianz Arena etc...
-12ºC! For the hardy Müncheners, this may be nothing out of the ordinary. But believe me, after snapping a poor daschund of a lampenposten earlier, it was off to the stadium to brave the elements and do my best. Unlike Capt. Oates I did not really want to go outside and be gone for some time... But it had to be done! Not sure where the icy Munich air  was coming from by the way – but I know where it was going!

Googie Withers? Mine does when it's this bloody cold...

La Vita – aka Multi Cafe-Bistro on Arnulfstraße is a small cafe bar just north of the München Hauptbahnhof (Central Station). The bar is a very friendly local that seats about 30 around tables and another 10 or so at the bar. The multi part is due to the fact that adjoining the bar area it doubles up as a kebab house where you can take your drink and get a kebab for the trip home.

Post-match it was back to La Vita for my final night in Munich. Happy days...

La Vita – Multi Cafe-Bistro
Arnulfstraße 18
Telefon: (089) 598113


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