Thursday, 9 February 2012


There is a drinking establishment (HBH) directly opposite the  Wirsthaus Ayingers which describes itself as the most famous pub in the world, known for its gemütlichkeit and Bavarian music – complete with a house-oompah band that gets things going with typical Teutonic timing every evening from 7pm...

As it’s so famous I don’t need to mention it by name – but I’m not so convinced by its claim to fame. Unfortunately this area of München did not entirely survive some of the urban re-planning, courtesy of the RAF, nearly 70 years ago – and the pub opposite suffered extensive damage during that time.

Bavarian oompah bands? – give me a Caribbean steel band anytime! The constant sound of a repeated, rhythmic bass line (the oom) on the tuba accompanied by foot stomping, thigh slapping and not forgetting the higher-pitched instruments (they provide the pah in the oom-pah) such as the clarinet, accordion or trombone can really get on your umlauts! A right royal pain in the mönchengladbachs!
Thank heavens I discovered the Wirsthaus Ayingers!

Wirtshaus Ayingers am Platzl
Platzl 1A
Telefon: 0 89/23 703-666

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