Sunday, 22 January 2012


Keep your hand on yer halo, love...!

Crowd surfing? What in Sam Hill is that all about?

Now as an individual who has given unconfined joy and pleasure to countless people in the Teesside area with my impromptu renditions at various karaoke venues – and whilst being grateful for the warmth of the feedback received when performing – I have never felt minded to take it any further and crowd surf! Not my suit in all honesty – and modesty would prevent such a thing anyway... my reward is to witness the pleasure and feel the warm reception that my humble offerings often provide.

So what is it with crowd surfing? – Lady GaGa, Beyoncé (steady!), Peter Gabriel (famously) and even Bob the Builder have performed the act during concerts – but what is the point with this pretentious rubbish?
If I ever succumbed to the urge to crowd surf in some of the pubs that do weekend karaoke in Middlesbrough – I would undoubtedly end up wallet-less, with missing door keys to boot, have the family jewels groped (fill your boots, girls!) and without my palm prē 3

Not worth the risk!
Can he crowd surf? Yes, he can!

Peter Gabriel - Lay Your Hands On Me (1982?)

Interesting fact: Aulophobia is a fear of flutes.

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