Friday, 6 January 2012


I’ve never been afraid to apply “blue sky” thinking – even when weather conditions are grey and overcast! So not for me any stereotypical view that a woman’s place is in the home and football terraces are the sole domain of the male species. Oh, no! I welcome the growing trend in recent years of women being part of a football fraternity (or should that be sorority) on the terraces with their informative and meaningful punditry on the subject. Sexist comments against women, with the usual jibe that you have to explain aspects of football to them, and in particular the offside rule, have no part in this man's repertoire. Besides birds hate that!

I have had the offside rule explained to me on many occasions by a host of women – it is a favourite chat-up line of mine (which seldom works, admittedly).

Why is the extent of football knowledge always gauged by an awareness or understanding of the offside rule anyway? I have yet to meet anyone who can explain cricket’s Duckworth-Lewis method to me in any meaningful manner - from either gender - but I don't think less of them for that! Duckworth-Lewis? Probably the most disastrous pairing/union since Abbott teamed up with Costello, Burke collaborated with Hare or Dix met Hallpike. I defy anyone to explain the Duckworth-Lewis method on the back of a ten bob bit!

So the news that the offside law has been explained in clear diagrammatic form on the reverse of the new 2012 Olympic coinage is most welcome. Other illustrations depicting imagery for the forthcoming London Olympics are also being minted.

There are 500,000  50p “offside” coins to be put into circulation worth an estimated £250,000.

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