Saturday, 19 November 2011


A beer in the very late evening... this one.

SCD 2011. I must be honest after Nancy D’Illusional left Strictly, I was a little disheartened. You remember her? She describes herself as Italy's second most famous woman after Sophia Loren (who’s she kidding?) and is either in her late forties, early fifties or 37 - she can't make up her mind on that one!
Well I wouldn’t mind showing her my enchufla I can tell you!  
But she departed and so my interest later turned to Russell Grant. Now how he didn’t know he was going to be eliminated last Saturday is a little difficult to comprehend since he is an astrologer, isn't he? Clearly his departure wasn’t in the stars or maybe it’s just that his psychic powers have been waning recently?
Strictly Come Dancing? - get back on that pitch!

In any event he’s also gone now – so my support and backing goes to the man that looks like Tarzan but talks like Jane – Robbie “Lily” Savage, no less.
He describes himself as “the most hated man in British football”. Few would argue! 537 league games, 39 international caps, 89 yellow cards (then a record) and 8 appearances on SCD – impressive stuff! He was famously fined £10,000 for taking a dump in the referee’s ablution facility before a game whilst at Leicester City. 
Interesting fact - An Adamite is someone who, for religious reasons, goes around in public with no clothes on.

Sequins! Fake tan! Aarrrrrgh!
2 Mechanic's Yard (off High Row)
Tel: (01325) 468324

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