Wednesday, 12 October 2011


12th October 1985 – Nottingham Forest beat Aston Villa 1 - 2 at Villa Park on that Saturday; it was a warm, balmy day as I recall and it was also the day I got married at nearby St. Mary the Virgin parish church. I’m no longer married now – that much is obvious. In truth we ended up with food in the 'fridge that lasted longer than our marriage – but I remember my wedding day as if it was yesterday – if it was tomorrow I’d cancel it!

I am not saying I lacked uxorious intent, my ex-wife and I were happy for quite some time, but that was before we met each other!

Happily-married – an oxymoron or a blessed union? I’ll let others decide...

I had to hector my pressed mum and dad to let me have a drink in the Rodney before we attended the church service – a bit embarrassing that for a man in his late-20s imploring his parents in that way. The fact that we had to wait for the pub to open didn't lighten my dad's mood any. And his mood was to get worse! I still don't know how we got lost on the short trip to the church. The narrow country lanes didn't help of course.

"What does that sign say over there, Minnie?"  he said to my mum sitting in the front passenger seat, after we left the pub.

"Err.... Pick Your Own, Jim"  she said.

"NOT THAT ONE! I can bloody read that one! I mean the one underneath!"

"Errrr..... Strawberries"  she replied. "And there's no need to shout!"

Four of us – including best man – crammed in a Talbot Samba – the colour of which I will never be able to describe eventually made the trip to the church after an all too quick pint. Last pint as a bachelor...

Interesting fact - Ambisinistrous is the opposite of ambidextrous. It means 'no good with either hand'.


The Rodney
North Hill
nr Chelmsford
Essex CM3 4TQ
Tel: 01245 222385

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