Saturday, 8 October 2011


My first trip to the US was a long time ago now and included a wedding in Connecticut (a couple I scarcely knew in all honesty) and a chance to meet up with an old, sadly now-estranged, friend of mine who was best man at my wedding some two years previously. Incidentally I have never held that against him! He had moved to NYC the year before I got married – maybe he knew something I didn’t...

When I go abroad I tend to avoid drinking places which have “Pub” in their title – and especially if they’re Irish/Scottish-themed with shamrocks, shillelaghs or tartan! They don’t resemble any pub I am likely to want to drink in anyway...

Now we have the internet at our disposal, you can plan your likely watering hole locations in advance before you travel. My recent trip to northern Italy was a good example of that (blogs #39 – 41). A spectacular success! Good bars and food...

Planning ahead saves hours of low-quality drinking time. I’d sooner walk past 10, 15 or even 30 establishments to find the right rub-a-dub dub that will suit my needs and wants.

Thankfully my estranged chum was aware of my drinking preferences and took me to the place featured here. It’s relocated since those days, not far from the Village, and the beer range on offer remains impressive (another pub is now at the previous address). Yes – Peculier Pub does include “Pub” in its title – I’m aware of that – but a little local knowledge helps as well.

Let’s Go Mets!

Peculier Pub
182 West 4th Street 
Greenwich Village
NYC, NY 10014

now relocated to:- 

145 Bleecker Street
NYC, NY 10012-1429
Tel: (212) 353-1327

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