Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Is it my imagination, or does Christmas come earlier each year? Whilst I appreciate that the season’s change is upon us, there is still one week of summer to go and the cricket season has yet to reach its climax. Did Goose Fair pass me by? Hallowe’en been and gone?

The Artillery Arms - see Blog #1
The reason I mention this is that it is far too early to see advertisements asking to book your reservation(s) in this place or that for the festive season. It seems that not only do we have to post early for Christmas but we have to order our lunch prematurely as well...
Be honest, can you think of what you want to be eating in three and a half months time? Christmas parties and functions fill my heart with a sense of dread.

I know a lot of people look forward to that time of year; I’m not one of them.

Instead of Ho, Ho, Ho – why not No, No, No – keep Christmas in December, please!

The Southbank Bar
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Bridgford Rd,
West Bridgford
Tel: +44 (0) 115 945 5541

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