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When I heard the news I could have choked on my panini! You’ll be telling me next Russell Grant is going to appear on Strictly Come Dancing!

When chief executive of Notts County FC (founded 1862 – the world’s oldest football league club) Jim Rodwell, contacted Juventus FC with a speculative invite to visit Nottingham for a match to celebrate next year's 150th anniversary of The Magpies (I Chiacchieroni), the response was more than he could have hoped for. Juventus' young president, Andrea Agnelli, immediately called Ray Trew, County’s owner, to suggest that they might become the first visitors to the new Juventus stadium. The name of the new Juventus stadium? – Nuovo Stadio Juventus... Brilliant! Inspired! It must have taken endless sleepless nights to come up with that one! Fantastico!   

Of course they could have opted for Barça, Manchester Utd or any other of the major European big hitters - but instead a great Italian institution summoned the club standing 12th in the third tier of English football to join Thursday's opening ceremony and, if there has been a more noble gesture in the history of football, then I don’t know what that is...

It was Notts County, in 1903, who answered the call of a Juventus member, an Englishman named John Savage, to send a set of the club's now famous black and white striped shirts to replace the faded pink and black numbers worn by the players of the Italian club since their founding by a group of students six years earlier - an idea on a park bench, apparently. The new kit was well received, considered to be daring and bold and Juventus went on to win their first Scudetto in 1905.

La storia è qui... Una lunga storia insieme...

41,000 souls – with a handful from the East Midlands gathered together for a brilliantly staged and emotional gala/inaugural ceremony that featured a brass band, speeches (a moving speech from il Presidente Andrea Agnelli – the fourth member of the Agnelli family to run the football club after his father, his uncle and his grandfather - ( more fireworks than you’ll see on any November 5th, a diva on stilts, memories of Omar Sivori and John Charles in film clips on giant screens, the mass singing of Juve, Storia Di Un Grande Amore (twice), huge replicas of the club's trophies, Agnelli cutting a ribbon with golden scissors handed to him by Cristina Chiabotto (wouldn’t say no to a bacon sandwich from her any morning – former Miss Italy 2004!), dancers dressed as zebras – Notts may be The Magpies, but Juve are I Zebre – and finally a quietly solemn parade of 39 white-clad children representing those who lost their lives at Heysel.

And, eventually, a forgettable game of football which ended 1-1. - Juventus Stadium, Lo spettacolo della cerimonia di inaugurazione - The opening cermony show - Juventus Stadium, le parole di Agnelli durante l'inaugurazione - Del Piero e Boniperti protagonisti allo Juventus Stadium -Two stars at Juventus Stadium - Juventus Stadium. La notte delle Stelle - The night of the Stars - Juventus v Notts County, gli highlights - Juventus v Notts County, the highlights

Un’arma in più per nuove emozioni...

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