Thursday, 8 September 2011


One Night in Turin... Italia ’90 – the 14th FIFA World Cup™.

Strewth seems like only a little over 20 years ago now.... Gazza’s tears, Pavarotti and penalty kicks being sent into the night sky over Turin.

Flying into Aeroporto Internazionale di Caselle Torino has required additional caution since the 1990 tournament as the ball sent into orbit by Chris Waddle that sealed England’s fate that night, continues to circle the skies over Turin and is deemed to be a hazard to aircraft. A bit harsh that!

Interesting fact - Selfridges the department store - not only sells refrigerators but other white goods as well - particularly dishwashers.

Birrificio Torino Srl,
Via Parma 30
TURIN, Italy 10152
Tel: 0039 (112) 876562

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