Sunday, 28 August 2011


Regional food – what’s all that about? (Part 3)

Now people who really know me – have possibly already guessed where this is going!

I arrived on Teesside 4 years ago – but you don’t necessarily want to hear about my problems. Needless to say I’ve made better decisions in my life...

The previous two blogs undoubtedly highlight the pleasure to be had from eating regional delicacies and foods. What could Teesside offer, I wonder?

The chicken parmesan or “parmo” can be loosely described as a delicacy – but which is much loved on Teesside. Typically it is a fried chicken (or pork) fillet or escalope covered in breadcrumbs with a béchamel sauce and served with a grated (parmesan?) cheese topping. Some Smoggies swear that a layer of garlic sauce (another Teesside delicacy) needs to be poured on top. Take my advice – ignore them! - it actually tastes worse than it sounds! The parmo is usually served as a congealed assembly with the largest portion of chips on offer in a polystyrene carton the size of a shoe box. Amazingly it also includes an optional salad – that’s supposed to be the healthy part I believe but who are you kidding? In 2008, Stockton hosted the World Parmo Championships. 

For reasons I still don’t quite understand, I had another one of these delicacies last night after my brief visit to nearby Stockton. It was everything I didn’t want it to be – and much more. I will never understand the Teessiders’ love affair with this dish? It’s actually made me ill just typing this...

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