Saturday, 13 August 2011


Shopping in pyjamas – what on earth is all that about?

You can call me a snob – not that I care... but I don’t understand the recent trend of young women shopping in Tesco’s or Spar to buy their scratch cards and Rizlas wearing pyjamas – with or without Ugg boots – I mean what an irresistible combination! Am I alone in thinking that pyjamas are essentially night attire – exceptionally for lounging in also – but most certainly not for doing the weekly shop or putting on your last minute lottery ticket...

Where will it end? – babydoll nighties perhaps! Might pop along to Tesco’s a bit more often if that’s the case! There’s not a great many things in this world that really get my goat in all honesty – but this is one of them… If you can't be bothered to change out of your pyjamas before you go to the shops, it's not likely you possess any of the qualities which make the world around us a better place - it's too much effort for you obviously – so you can shove that where your Pot Noodle don’t shine! – told you I’m not a snob! How long does it take to pull on a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt for heaven's sake! I mean if you've come into your local Tesco's to keep warm and have a kip - fair enough! What next Speedos and flip-flops in Asda!

Last year notices were put up in Tesco’s supermarket in St Mellons in Cardiff saying: "Footwear must be worn at all times and no nightwear is permitted." Good for them – let’s see the same in Belle Vue, please – every little helps!

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  1. Christine wrote:
    Please Paul, don't you go out in Speedos, that would put people off their breakfast!


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