Tuesday, 9 August 2011


You come across all sorts of reading material in the library - and that’s the truth! I’m worried that the person who researched this book and thought it was worth publishing – is thinking of writing something else! I mean when the Nazi war machine annexed the Sudetenland and then invaded Poland and the later occupations of Belgium, France, Holland etc. - I very much doubt – and in fact remain quite unconvinced that the uppermost thing on the minds of those being occupied would be questions and concerns such as:-  
Available in all good bookshops...

Are those Panzer tanks running on unleaded fuel?

Would they be reusable stick hand grenades? - and of course,

I trust those bullets have been recycled!

It must be a small comfort to know that the V-2 rocket that destroyed your cherished home, whether that was in London’s East End, Coventry, Antwerp* or elsewhere carried the inscription :-

Achtung! Diese Bombe enthält 100% wiederverwertete Materialien!

It seems that you can get money these days for any crack-pot theory in the name of research, so long as it gets published!

*Antwerp was hit by more V-2s than all other targets combined during WWII. I spent my 41st birthday – a pleasant Saturday afternoon - in the Café Den Engel. My visit to Antwerp was meant to be a three/four day excursion for work - to help out with some IT problems – or so I was told! However I ended up staying there for nearly 2 months – with just the few clothes I had packed for the shorter stay! It was the first time I drank the bolleke - De Koninck's flagship beer. Happy days!

Café Den Engel
Grote Markt 3
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