Saturday, 6 August 2011


I am reminded that it was a year ago that the The Hartlepool Tall Ships Races 2010 descended on the town for three days of festivities and celebration. I attended on the Saturday afternoon and waved the ships off on the Monday evening, I couldn’t bring myself to get near them on Saturday and was happy to see them eventually go! It was on that occasion I visited the Rat Race Ale House, arguably the smallest pub in Britain (others also lay claim to this – but I can vouch it is small...) It opens at 12:02pm each day except Sundays - not a minute before!

Up until recently of course, anything connected with tall or huge ships would have been difficult for me – due to a phobia of such things. My megalophobia was entrenched and specific to tall ships. That’s why I found the book here so liberating and helpful.

Capt. Trimmer's helpful book...
I mean don't you just hate it when a huge ship ruins your day? This book has changed my life. Capt. John W Trimmer has shown me that it is perfectly acceptable to simply avoid huge ships altogether. I have been liberated by this book. I see now that previously I was simply following a path that others had made for me, not my own. Since reading this book and putting Capt. Trimmer's ideas into practice I have become a new person. Avoid huge ships if that's what your instincts tell you.

I assure you - you won't regret it! Hence my insistence in staying in the pub all afternoon. Makes sense then and now!

Finally I have rid myself of the burden of huge ships - I've been barraged for so long by them. I used to wake up in the morning and hoping to look out my window and see my nicely tended garden - instead I drew back the curtains and all I can see is huge ships! It was a Godsend that I found this book - "At last!" I exclaimed, "My enormous ship problems shall plague me no more!" 

Rat Race Ale House
Platform 2, Station Approach,
County Durham, TS24 7ED

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