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Duncan McKenzie (born 1950) was an English former footballer who played as a striker in the Football League for Nottingham Forest, Mansfield Town, Leeds United, Everton FC, Chelsea and Blackburn Rovers in the 1960/70s, and in Belgium for Anderlecht, in the North American Soccer League for the Tulsa Roughnecks and the Chicago Sting and for Ryoden FC in Hong Kong.

McKenzie started his career with Nottingham Forest in 1967 and was signed from Forest by Brian Clough in 1974 during his 44 day reign as manager of Leeds Utd, where he was the only one of his signings to subsequently flourish at the club.

At the time, he was the most expensive footballer in the country and while Forest were £240,000 better off, they had lost their most extrovert player. Cloughie soon left, but Duncan stayed on at a club where he is fondly remembered not only as a great player but also the showman; for his ability to jump over a Mini car in a single leap, which he did on the pitch in front of an Elland Road crowd of 30,000 people - in August 1975.

Initially, he attracted media attention for his 'off the field'  achievements which not only included the Mini jumping but also tossing a golf ball the length of a football pitch (>100yds).
He will be remembered by all those who saw him play as a wizard with the ball and a healthy goals to game ratio, with 128 goals in 360 appearances. His off-field antics will be remembered particularly by those who followed his early career at Forest and Leeds. Jumping over a Mini - top that Wayne Rooney!

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