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The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco” - Samuel Langhorne Clemens (November 30, 1835 – April 21, 1910) better known by his pen name Mark Twain.

All this blogging about piers previously has brought memories to mind. If you recall from Blog #1 – for those of you staying the distance – that is one of the characteristics of episodic memory.  

And of course, the UK is not the sole preserve of the pier. Whilst preparing the earlier blog I was reminded of my visit to the Eagle Café, Pier #39, Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco – Friday 25/01/2008. Sheltering there during one of the worst Pacific storms over that part of California – like a drowned rat I was!

It’s a day I won’t forget – I’d only arrived in California the night before. The downpour and storms started late morning – and went on for most of the afternoon. There was me, alone, on a bar stool surrounded by puddles and some unfortunate souls (4, I think) who were celebrating a birthday, I believe – what a day to pick? No-one else all day except attentive bar staff who had little to do in all honesty. They took pity on me and offered me a couple of bowls of sourdough bread and white clam chowder to warm me up. I needed it.... I was 6000 miles from home! Although bereft of people, I can confirm that the pier was horizontal, thankfully (see Blog #23).

I believe the sea lions left pier 39, where they had been resident for many years, some time after the storms - I don't know if they ever came back?

The beer wasn’t bad that day as I seem to recall – goodness knows how many bottles of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (5.6% abv) I consumed - just for company. I didn’t realise until this morning how strong that beer was? It does explain a few things now! The flagship beer of the brewery I’m told ( It was my best friend that day...
San Francisco's weather is as changeable as the seas. Surrounded on all sides (save one) by ocean and bay, San Francisco's weather is also one of the hardest to forecast and changes drastically from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Over the four seasons, not one of which corresponds to its climatic expectations, San Francisco's weather can be difficult for visitors to predict, save that Fog City delivers majestic skies, trademark plumes of white fog and brilliant sunsets, occasionally you can even see the Golden Gate Bridge.

California, here I'm gone!

Interesting fact - In 1996, 12 people in Britain were rushed to hospital after a paper clip accident. Nasty!

Eagle Café
39 Pier, #103,
Tel; (415) 433-3689

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