Friday, 22 July 2011


"Artifical intelligence is no match for natural stupidity" - Ferdinand Magellan (1480 - 1521) - Portuguese explorer, born in Billericay, Essex

Be honest – when was the last time you saw a Jet Provost trainer jet in the pub garden of your favourite local, just next to the barbeque area? And if you have, drink something a little less stronger, I suggest! The Standard  has such a jet in it's back garden!

Almost time to leave The Apprentice UK – Series #7 for this year – but not without one final contribution to the BitA blog... and it’s a cracker!

Jim Eastwood; he didn’t so much kiss the Blarney Stone – but swallowed it whole! Jim made it through to the final four interview stage, where candidates were asked to present their business plans for consideration by the man himself - Lord Sugar. At stake a £250,000 business partnership. And it was here that Jim met up with the formidable Margaret Mountford. Nick Hewer’s former side-kick and a woman who can smell BS at a hundred paces!. Impervious to the Irishman’s charm and guile – she asked Jim to describe himself without cliché? Not a chance, Maggie! 

His plan to create an e-learning package for schools in Northern Ireland is commendable – and one Jim feels obviously passionate about. To call it AMSmart – in the style of AMStrad  (Lord Sugar’s trading name) – was pretty AMStupid  in all honesty. His strategy to sweeten Sugar was never going to work! He was the first to go in last Sunday’s final. Oh, well back to the drawing board, eh Jim?

And the winner and recipient of the quarter million pounds and partnership with the bearded-one? No less than über-geek Tom Pellereau – a man given to rewriting swathes of history and confusing the nationalities of the world’s most famous explorers and navigators. William Drake (sic) – eat your heart out... and Sir Walter Raleigh – inventor of the two-wheeled, pedal-powered machine that bears his name - on yer bike! Make way for the main man and one of Britain’s own - Cristoforo Colombo! The patron saint of Spud-u-Like!

Here are some more clips from recent episodes, including last Sunday's final:-

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