Saturday, 16 July 2011


For the first time in the company’s 35 years of trading, managers and tenants at Castle Rock Brewery pubs in the East Midlands and Yorkshire are being told which newspapers they can and cannot buy for customers to read in their public houses.

Chairman of the popular Nottingham-based brewery, Chris Holmes, banned the News of the World  last weekend in its 22 outlets after allegations that a private investigator was hired to listen to messages on the 'phone of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, the 7/7 bomb victims and other people in high profile news stories. Almost daily it seems new revelations are emerging of other alleged 'phone hacking activity by the UK's biggest selling newspaper.

This won’t break Rupert Murdoch’s bank balance,”  says Mr. Holmes, “but I think it’s important we make a gesture. How long we keep the ban depends on our customers. This weekend we’ll conduct a poll across all our pubs to ask whether we should delist the News of the World  and whether or not they want to make the ban more permanent.

I'd like to buy that man a drink! - 'cept when I've seen him in his pubs he's been drinking tea or coffee! Not sure which...

The 22 pubs in the Castle Rock  pub-group make around five newspapers available each Sunday.

Post-script - this blog was prepared before the announcement that the News of the World will publish its last edition on Sunday (10th July) - thus ending 168 years of circulation. 200 employees are expected to be made redundant. Seems that the title is shouldering the blame here, rather than the individuals concerned. Is that fair?

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