Monday, 6 June 2011


It is often indicated that employers are becoming increasingly aware of the value that older employees bring to a job. More often than not it is the employers who make the case for the benefits that can be derived from having older staff members in their ranks. Is that really the case? I’m not convinced...

Older employees have a greater institutional knowledge and it goes without saying – experience. Often they harbour a more productive work ethic than their younger counterparts and get along better with co-workers and colleagues. Some employers are more proactive than others in their consideration of older employees - but some others treat them in a condescending and patronising manner, particularly when they are new to an organisation.

When asked about confidentiality of client information and the need to safeguard this – of course this is something that would never before have entered the mind  of an individual in their 36th year of employment – and the person who raised the issue relating to confidential record keeping must be thanked for reminding his older colleague that indeed the information they were carrying in their hand was confidential! As was the Ministry of Defence ammunition stock-holdings and technical data they had responsibility for some ten years ago. Or the logistics systems for the Royal Army of Oman, the bank details of clients involved in the merger of the RBoS and Nat West, the financial accounts of hundreds of companies who paid taxes to HMRC, etc, etc... all of which required strict confidentiality.

Of course, if an employer/supervisor had taken the time to gather these facts beforehand, the concerns over confidentiality or anything else that requires a modicum of common sense and good business practice, are allayed.
Some things are really best left unsaid! Best say nothing and be thought of as an idiot than open your mouth and remove any doubt!

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