Sunday, 24 April 2011


The Kean's Head is a quiet oasis in the heart of a bustling city. Perfect place for a sit down, pint and a pause for thought.

Like a great many people up and down the country, I recently submitted my application to the lottery that is the London Olympic Games 2012 on-line ticket application process. Wish me luck!

Selecting the events to attend was a fairly painless exercise. The usual candidates stand out – athletics, cycling, boxing and gymnastics. But it is the less prosaic sports which capture your imagination. Beach volleyball – men and womens, handball, rhythmic gymnastics and synchronised swimming. Synchronised swimming? – if one synchronised swimmer gets into trouble and drowns, are the other team members expected to follow suit? Team spirit and dedication in the extreme that would be - can't see it happening though!

Whether these sports should be part of the Olympic Games format – I don’t know - some of the sports seem a bit bizarre to me. I don't doubt the skill or effort required; but I for one would sooner watch grass grow than spend an afternoon as a spectator to any of the above...

Kean's Head
46 St Mary’s Gate
Lace Market


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  1. One ticket! For the football at City of Coventry Stadium...29th July...always the telly I suppose!


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